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I am Julian Lin. I live in California, and enjoy playing chess as my deepest passion.

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I offer online coaching. I'm self taught and believe my struggles are what makes me a better coach. I started with a 900 rating and am now rated 2200.


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 I will teach you how to find the right next move - ever feel so lost as to how to even start?

We will work together to find the mistakes we are making and come up with actionable plans to work on them - every lesson!

Don't take it from me - see what my students have to say:





I am a new student of Julian's and after two sessions his coaching has been beyond my expectations. He is a dedicted teacher, that understands the needs of his student and provides a structured approach to learning and getting the student on a path to improvement. I have learened so much in my two sessions and plan on continuing with his coaching for several more sessions.



I want to thank Julian for his enthusiastic and honest approach as a chess coach. Books and online lessons leave me with a feeling of discouragement that I cannot find the right move or understand the ideas. Julians methodical approach to instruction takes the burden away from feeling like you have to memorize openings and challenges you to make every move with purpose! He is always prepared and flexible with his lessons, adapting to in the moment coaching. Most importantly he makes chess fun!



Over the last half year I’ve had the privilege to work with Julian. Last summer after a few particularly silly losses I decided, “Enough! There has got to be someone who can help me.” Enter Julian. If you come committed to work, I can say with 100% certainty he will provide you with insights, candor, and techniques to bring the best out of your game! He’s a great mentor. He’s super friendly, always prepared, and has a superior grasp of chess.



I am a current student. Mr. Lin has a clearly defined process and plan which I feel confident will allow me to achieve my chess goals. He is polite, punctual, reliable and easy to communicate with. Worth your time and money.  Steve


Julian is very professional, structured and adds value to his lessons!


Julian is a great teacher who takes learning seriously but still makes it fun. The lessons are very interactive and he makes suggestions for a study plan to improve. He's always excited to know when my next tournament will be so he can see my progress. I strongly recommend him as a knowledgeable and motivated teacher who will help you improve your enjoyment and understanding of the game.


It is one month now since I started lessons with Julian, and I'm improving fast ever day. Julian is a dedicated coach who is able to teach to different levels of student from beginner till advanced. His exposition is very clear and it is a lot of fun to have lesson with him! His studying plan is very well structured and it is customized for the student, as it is every lessons.

I highily recommend him!


I have had around a dozen lessons with NM Julian Lin so far and have really enjoyed them he makes learning fun and enjoyable. his lessons are well structured and very informative. I have tried several coach's in the past but I am glad to say I will be sticking with NM Julian Lin for the long haul, thankyou kindly Romani :-)


I have nothing but great things to say about Julian. His lessons are very well planned and organized while also giving you all the material you need to think for yourself and improve at your own pace. He is a very patient teacher who makes the game fun while at the same time ensuring that you improve, whether it is with assignments, great preparation prior to each lesson, or pin-pointed reading recommendations that match your chess experience and level. A devoted coach and above all a friend to share your chess journey with, I cannot but highly recommend NM Lin to anyone seeking to expand their chess knowledge! -Daniel


My son has been attending chess lessons from Julian for the last couple of weeks. We have already observed tremendous improvements in his game especially on the strategy part. As a coach Julian is highly engaged with his students … My son never distracted during lessons.  Julian is very hard working and always follows up with home work and study plans for the week. We highly recommend Julian for anyone who really wants to improve the game at reasonable fees.


I have been working with Julian the last month. I have notice my chess calculation improve big time. Julian's lessons are insightful with specific targeted lessons on my weaknesses. I have learn so many things in a month I can't wait to learn more from Julian. He's a great teacher that keeps things interesting and fun.


One word: excellent.

Two words: very excellent.

My son has lessons with him for over a month so far. My son has made big improvements in various of the chess skills, and of course the USCF rate. He has a great personality and I believe most of people will just him natually. Highly recommend this guy if you are looking for a coach to pump up your (or your loved one's) chess level.


I've had a handful of lessons with Mr. Julian Lin, and I have to say that he is my favorite coach! He always has a lesson plan, is punctual, and doesn't rush through the material. He assigns homework, looks at my games when I e-mail them to him, and is also just a good guy, who, I believe, is truly in it for the love of teaching chess. I have seen significant improvement in my calculation since starting lessons. I cannot recommend anyone better for the job of teaching chess!



I have received 2 lessons from Julian so far and have learnt a lot. He has a great ability to find my particular blindspots and to tailor the lesson accordingly. Also he provides plenty of homework and study tips after the lesson, providing way more value than what you pay for. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to take their game to the next level.





I've had a few lessons with Julian so far and will continue to do so. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect from a coach, but he's made me glad we're working together.

He looks at my play, how I think about it, where I want to be, and what's holding me back. And he builds the coaching process around my unique needs.

My learning process was haphazard, and he has put it on a more direct track toward the kind of chess I want to play. As a result, I've progressed a few hundred rating points in a few months, from multiple blunders per game to something more stable. And I feel like I can understand why my play is better and have a sense for what's on the horizon.

I learned to play the game years ago but have never been able to develop past the beginning stage without becoming frustrated. He's helping me find my own game and learn how to think more effectively and confidently.



Mr. Julian Lin has been a great coach.  He has introduced different resources for pratices.  He is dedicated to find ways to improve your skills according to your level. He prepares the lesson plan, concludes the lesson, and assigns homework. Coach Julian is also very punctual.  Not only his lessons are fun, but they are also very informative.

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"Having taken three lessons from Julian I can say he helped me to improve my thinking process significantly. I sincerely thank him for this, because there is nothing more important to improvement than understand how strong players look for an determine their moves! Julian is a fine coach in my experience, with a lot to teach aspiring chess champions! "