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Jan 6, 2015
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My father taught me chess while my parents were married. After that he still taught me, but never let me win a game. When my parents divorced I self taught myself chess in High School. I was beat by 1800 players, but I could not seem to find anyone online to play chess with. Because of these experiences and my faith in Jesus I enjoy the freedom of teaching others and helping them often for free and this is why I created a club; to create this atmosphere for well versed players to help teach the next generation who will hopefully carry the torch as well.


I was pretty smart in my own right and achieved a rating of 1650 USCF, but really didn't understand the game, just how to make good moves in a position. In college I did not understand how comparing and contrasting of psychology types led to the best one when they worked together instead. When I became a follower of Jesus by being baptized and declaring he was real and I was going to live for him I believe he made more able to see things that I could not. I achieved a bachelors in science in the middle of my conversion and a Masters-in-Teaching. 


Jesus has brought me joy in playing and teaching chess. It use to be all about winning and my rating. But I was broken when I beat everyone. I realized my rating was built upon others and winning all the time didn't make me happy. Something was missing. pm me if you are interested in hearing and discussing this pm me and we can discuss this further. 

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