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Javie de Lara
Nueva Ecija, Philippines
Oct 25, 2009
Last Login
Jan 15, 2016
I'm a beginner,.but anyway every Chessmaster was once a beginner. My brother taught me the game and I was interested right away, this is where I learned all the basics of chess. thanks to my kuya,.=)‎(✿◠‿◠)❤ I played very rarely, but then I discovered the fun of actually playing chess and spent way too much time playing chess online! *when im so so bored and got nothing to do!! but somehow I'm sad about having started Chess at such an old age I wish I started younger. "You may learn much more from a game you lose than from a game you win. You will have to lose hundreds of games before becoming a good player." motto ko 'to kc lagi ako talo,.heheh=(((( ONE MORE THING!!!!!*I really really HATE ARROGANT PEOPLE,.. I hate arrogant people with the utmost intensity. It especially pisses me off when they feel they need to put others down just to make themselves feel better, and my blood boils whenever I encounter someone being so mayabang.. *nakakairita,.!!SO PLEASE IF U KNOW THAT U HAVE THE ATTITUDE,DONT EVER DARE TO INVITE ME ON A GAME!! ♚ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟ ♔ ♕ ♖ ♗ ♘ ♙
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