May 5, 2014
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Bullet pools are easy... I went from 1600 to 2K super fast, but at the end of the day, I still don't like bullet lol
Why is my USCF so low -_- I need to get to expert soon to win my bet with @RE02AKAME
Working on adopting people, and I just started. Yes, I am gonna put my students on here xD Lmk if u wanna play an adoption match
Adopted : @proshi2125, @Willwinner14, @whiteswanblackswan (irl), @BarkingSquirrel, @gm_chess_player @goldenlion77 (on stream), ... Help make this list bigger!

Hey guys my names Max and I flagged you, free rating points because you thought about your moves. Sure, you were up by 23 points, but I most definitely flagged you happy.png

10 Facts About Me

1. I'm thirteen and from Oklahoma City

2. In kindergarten I was considered to be possibly one of the top players in the country, then something must've happened along the lines of people dropped me on my head repetitively because here I am, an 8th grade 1700 -_-

3. I play school and AAU basketball, won a state with my 2019 Varsity team, and it is by far my favorite sport

4. My best friend is @MagnetsCarleson and @gv7wsrzfodlf (Invisa-name and Naren)

5. I am often described as "The Lizard King" and if you wish to, you may call me that.

6. I changed my mind, you MUST call me The Lizard King if you want my respect.

7. I love music, if I don't become a 7 foot tall NBA Superstar then music is what I'm gonna be doing in 5 years wink.png

8. I have a dog named Russell and a dog named Suzie, Russell is really fun to play with and Suzie pants and shakes a lot.

9. I teach chess to people under 1500

10. My favorite person is my grandma bc she accepts that I am...