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David Milliern

Cambridge, United States
Nov 21, 2013
Last Login
7 hrs ago
Supporting member since Feb 9, 2015

I report all opponents I suspect of using computer assistance. 




















Quick note before getting to who I am: I block all members who send me group requests without discussing with me whether I'd be interested in joining their group.  Once you are blocked, I do not unblock anyone for any reason, especially if I don't know what got you blocked.




















Anyways...  Come play me, chat, or check out my website. (Note: the chess.com link to my website, for whatever reason, says that it is not a safe site. Not sure why it does that, but it is just a wordpress domain, and typing milliern.com will take you to the website without any fallacious warnings.) I enjoy all things intellectual, hiking, traveling, biking, art, and reading. I have a blog devoted to some of the things I think about, intellectual or slightly more practical, so I invite you to enjoy whatever you might.




















Chess is a different world for me, it's a place where my passions and intellect have no boundary, and so I thoroughly enjoy the theory, the abstraction, the aesthetic, and the challenge, as well historical and social aspects of the game.  Notes about me as a chess player: I have a sort of chess persona that comes out on the board. I am psychologically violent, and I play passionately; yet I play with calculation, and I am probably best at the endgame. If you like open games, then I'd love to have shootouts with you. If you like playing closed positions, then I will destroy your position with a sacrifice --it may be a pawn, it may be a piece, it may be a queen, but I am coming after you, because I know that the psychology of such people is fear, fear of being attacked by a brute, and I'm one of them. Play positionally, and I will take it as an invitation to destroy, pillage, maim, and plunder --no mercy but that which pain will hath wrought. I do not accept draws, and I attack more confidently and with madness in the face of the cowardly act of so offering. However, if I offer a draw, know that you are probably won, and I am just mitigating losses...though I rarely do this, even after losing a piece; I just attack harder. I don't mind oppenents who disconnect, because I like to sadistically imagine what's going through my opponent's mind right after they have been mentally broken. This is much more enjoyable OTB, as in a USCF tournament --and it is what I play for in official games--, but that moment in online games is almost as enjoyable. To the death! Before my body I throw my warlike shield. Lay on! And damned be him [or her] who first cries, "Hold! Enough!"




















On a more serious note, I guess a good thing to mention about myself is my favorite players. In reality, if asked the question, I’d probably say names like Fischer, Tal, and Gelfand, but the truth is my absolute favorites are Schlechter, Morphy, Nezhmetdinov, and Akiba Rubinstein. I like each of these players for the extreme nature of their style, as I see psychological characteristics come out in their play. The game I find most memorable, and possbly my favorite, is Short's famous king-walk game against Timman in 1991, where Short walks his king from g1 to g6, en route to h6, where mate would be given by the Q on g7. As far as my own goals in chess, I learned how the pieces move when I was 25, and I was able to crack the USCF’s B-Class at just about two years of tournament play, before the age of 27 by gaining about 600 points of playing ability over those two years. I am not sure whether my love for the game makes me improve quickly or whether I actually have talent at it, but I lament not finding and coming to the game earlier in life. I think a realistic goal is to make expert (2000-2199), and a slightly loftier goal is Master. However, I have been toying with the idea of devoting a large chunk of life toward seeing whether IM is possible. Probably, it is not –not at my advanced age, as I have heard that no player to come to the game as an adult has ever made IM. Nonetheless, whether hubris and folly of naiveté, or some legitimate intuition, I have begun serious study, including studies under three coaches, known pedagogical authority in chess education (an NM), a second, very notable coach (an IM), and a very strong head coach (a GM).

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