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RECENT UPDATE: Name's back


Mini challenge: Guess what my status means:

Army Bilnk Stay Choice EXO-L -V.I.P Shawols


If you got it correct you get 5 cheers



Best K-Pop bands in my opinion (Top 10)

#1: BTS

#2: Stray Kids

#3: EXO


#5: Blackpink


#7: PSY (Not a band but who cares lol)

#8: A.C.E

#9: SHINee

#10: ITZY


Now you may ask, why is everything gone on my profile?

Ez - I updated it!



MinecraftPro132 here, although I don't play Minecraft lol (Used to though)


Chinese, 13 yrs old (Jun 4 2009), Lives in...

(Why do I have to tell you?)


Basically, just friend me PLS, this is not Roblox which only allows you to have 200 friends so PLS feel free to friend me


If you are one of my good friends, you could notice my advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages (According to 80% of my real life friends feedback)

Creative, Funny, Fun, Intelligent, Easily engaged, Talkative, Easily controls anger


Inreliable, Sometimes dishonest, Very tricky, High Mood-swing, Indecisive, Naive


ACE friends:

@Jayden8031 - We are very inactive now, but he is an important friend to me and definitely someone I cannot forget.

@MalloryZhiQiEng2011 - Awesome friend. Very good kindness and really smart. You will definitely not regret to friend her!

@sdjfsdjbvsdv - Funny, a very slight annoying, and engaging friend! He is definitely one of my best online friends.

@BrandenTheGreat - Great friend for both online and real life. But unfortunately got closed.

@YiMo2411 - At first I only knew him because he is one of my special challenge winner. Then after a while, I found out he is amazing!

Very amazing friends:

@Pro_Master_Justin - He is one of my great friends. Well, we are kinda inactive now…

@oscarcui - Amazing friend, but can’t put him as ACE because he BEAT ME TOO MANY TIMES IN CHESS!!!

@Asokawins - Use to be one of my best friends, but cannot put him on ACE because last message we chatted was over a half year ago :/

Alpha friends:





1 'helpful' quote by me:

"Don't hesitate, GO FOR IT!"


If you hate the new update, sorry bro happy.png