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Momir Radović
Atlanta, United States
May 12, 2013
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7 hrs ago
Doing research into a new, 21st century chess teaching method to replace – it is about time – the 1500-year-old-plus traditional approach with “moves first,” which according to Nimzovich is “basically flawed.” The fundamental chess building block establishes during the critical early learning period. If this foundation is shaky, a serious limitation is placed when it comes to further block-building and even complete failure can be expected at some point – too many frustrated beginners walk away from the game as their initial interest for it diminishes and ultimately wanes. Teach locally and share with to-be-chess-trainers, parents with young children, school teachers, and chess club sponsors, as well as professional coaches seeking inspiration for innovation, how to use new modern techniques to instill in their students, from the very start, basic chess skills necessary for developing an efficient thought-process and 20-20 board vision later on. Doing speaking services, seminars, workshops; consulting the new method to schools, youth organizations, foundations, and non-profits around the country; running Marietta Chess Beginner Corner; a former chess instructor at Kennesaw State University, for which the teaching method was developed in 2011; maintaining a chess blog at www.iplayoochess.com. Outside chess working with Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautique, in Atlanta, GA.
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