Apr 23, 2019
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If you want to play fifa with me on xbox (we'd use mics if you want to [don't ask me why everyone wants to know what my voice sounds like]) just message me and i'll message back my username. I'm down to play whenever! i have 17, 18, 19, and 20.

My name is Will. I'm a pro youth football (soccer) player, playing for Leicester city's youth academy. I accepted an offer in August. My life will never be the same. My dream is to become a pro footballer. 

But how did I get here?

When I was ten years old, I moved to Manchester, England, from the U.S. to play for Stoke City's youth academy as a goalie. This was a huge step for me. I left behind all I had ever known, all my friends, my school, my life.

In October 2019, I knew it was time to leave. The academy was done with me, and I was done with it. Years in England changed me, and it was even harder to say goodbye to England than it was for America. 

Between October and July of 2019-20 I made up my mind that I was never going to be released from a football club like I was from Stoke. I trained intensely, never giving up my dream of becoming a pro footballer. I played for Lehigh Valley United, playing against some of the best youth players in the country, teams like Philadelphia Union, New York Red Bulls, and Atlanta United.

Until I became one of the best youth players in the country.

I am now back in England.

I play for Leicester City U-15s.

See you on Fifa in a few years. That is, rather, you'll see me on Fifa in a few years. 

Have a great day!

PS: If you want to friend me, go ahead! If you want to play me, make it a 7 day game at least. Anyway, thanks for reading this far! If you are reading this, go ahead and give me a friend request!

Favorite rappers (UPDATED):

lil baby, especially the bigger picture, never needed no help, sum 2 prove, and commerical

dababy, all of baby on baby and rockstar, along with no dribble

lil tjay, especially leaked, goat, brothers, fn, ruthless, and pop out

a boogie wit da hoodie, especially swervin and look back at it

juice wrld, especially suicidal, legends, robbery, bandit, all girls are the same, titanic, conversations, black and white, and lucid dreams

6ix9ine, especially trollz and swervin. he snitched tho

nba youngboy, especially all in, kacey talk, need it, one shot, sticks with me, and bandit

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Clubs to join:

Please join the club The Golden 64 Squares! This club helped me to really appreciate the fun of chess. We are a very fun club with 1500+ members! We do team matches, vote chess, many live and daily tournaments, and we have an amazing great and welcoming community! Please give us a look: Have a great day!