Dec 21, 2016
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Hello there guys, as you can see i am a Magnus Carlsen fan, and also a fan of @GM_Magnus_Kingdom !happy.png


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Please be kind to the community, and make sure to have FUN on a friendly chess website!

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Here are somethings you might not know about me:

1. I am a fan of Magnus Carlsen

2. My favourite Australian cricket bowler is Nathan Lyon. (My username is the chant that people say to make him bowl well, Nice Garry!)

3. My favourite Australian cricket batsman is  Aaron Finch

4. My favourite sport is downball (if that even is a sport), and second is cricket

5.My strongest skill in learning is maths

Here are some things you might not know about yourself!

1. You are in my home page

2. You are reading this sentence

4. You did not realise i skipped no 3

5. you go back to check if i was right

6. You roll your eyes in boredom

7. You think i am boring

Biography of me:

Age:      (NOT TELLING)                                                                                                                                Gender: Boy

Name: G*br**l D*s

Favorite hobby's: Doing chess, doing maths, sleeping, and reading.

My top 5 friends:

1. @GM_Magnus_Kingdom : A great gifter who has always been a good friend to me, he has always ben kind and nice to the chess community and surely too he is YOUR best friend

 2.  @Dragon_Fangs A super friendly and nice person. Give her profile a visit. Be her friend! grin.pngtongue.pnghappy.png

3. @viruschidai A good chess player that is friends with me: I know hi. We go to the same club and we generally play the same tournaments.

4. @Necromon : My coach! He is working very hard to be a FM and i wish him luck for the Title!

5. @Tin_TCTV A really good friend of mine, who loves dogs, (same as me).