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Kyiv, Ukraine
Apr 19, 2010
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I like chess, play from 6 years old as amateur. Kasparov in one of his books writed, what chess skills help in other areas of life. I guess, what is many other interesting skills, but this point of view is interesting. _____________________________ I don't play in correspondence games last years. My principally game - live chess, previously - bullet. ____________________________ To all friends and users: Please, don’t send me invitation to join in groups. Again: please don't send me any group invites. Friend requests are welcome. _____________________________ "Most players ... do not like losing, and consider defeat as something shameful. This is a wrong attitude. Those who wish to perfect themselves must regard their losses as lessons and learn from them what sorts of things to avoid in the future". by Capablanca.

Best place for live talking: www.chess.com/groups/home/debate ____________________________ I like reversi, pool, computer games (especially old). **** Also I like sociology, psychology, philosophy, cross-culture researches, world history, reading books. My English-Ukrainian chess Dictionary: http://www.chess.com/blog/Osokor/content122 ________________________________ My country have hard times now. "Ukraine - is not only the territory pipeline from Russia to Europe. It really is also the country with his extremely complicated and tragic history newfound identity. That is it - something much more complex, such that deserves much more of your attention. It is in Ukraine today once again played a historical drama in Central Europe as a territory of regular attack autocratic values on liberal values. And in Ukraine before our eyes is the establishment of a new European society. This establishment do the hard and cruel resistance - both outside the country and inside. Finally, and those inside and those outside - elements of the same destructive raid. Therefore, it is very painful formation. To stop it, the neighboring state even resorted to armed invasion. Its president throughout this conflict that he himself prepared and kindled for a dozen years, found a role for strict but fair arbiter. He is not obtained or is very bad - so that he may believe, it seems, only gentlemens Schroeder, Berlusconi, Gorbachev and several now-legendary heroes Realpolitik." Yuri Andrukhovych, the famous modern Ukrainian writer. The speech, delivered December 5, 2014 in Bremen on the occasion of the award Hannah Arendt on political opinion.

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