North Jutland, Denmark
Jul 8, 2011
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My favorite chess players

  1. Paul Morphy
  2. Bobby Fischer
  3. Magnus Carlsen
  4. Kasparov
  5. Mikhail Tal


My preferred time controls

5 days per move at correspondence chess. I also intend to play a lot of 10'+5'' blitz, because I think it's a good compromise between playing a lot of games while still playing good moves.


 If I win our first game I'll accept a rematch, unless something gets in the way.


About me

Back in 2003 and 2004 I was a member of a chess club. I played about 6 tournaments and achieved a rating corresponding to Fide 1700+. Even though I loved to play, other interests came in the way, and therefore I quitted my chess club membership. Nowadays, I only play chess recreationally.


I holds a master degree in sports science, and am now a bachelor student in math. I love to paddle kayak, and be together with my wife, and two daughters. I also like to: be in nature, do sports, and be with family and friends.

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