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Nov 21, 2010
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DELICIZE SCACCORUM. I. On the hazy afternoons of Summer, Under oaks glorious, We play at chess, while the flowing brooklet Ripples melodious. In the thoughtful Winter evening hours, Long, pleasant, quiet, Delightsome the home-hallowed fireside, With the chess-board by it. II. In good-humored moments chess is grateful, Mind-ensnaring! With careless freedom then we adventure The gambit’s daring. Chess to heal the heart’s disappointment, Chess in sadness; Teaching life’s changes, how to-day is woe, To-morrow gladness. III. This game for youth when th’ unclouded brain, With zeal united, Penetrates each puzzling combination With eye clear-sighted. This game for age, whose lingering pains It half assuages, Gently smoothing the rough declivity Of life’s last stages. This poem was published in the January edition of The Chess Monthly in 1860. I could not find the name of the author.

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