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US, United States
Dec 25, 2010
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Hi All! Welcome to my profile. Here, I would like to give some information about me:

I was born in 1996 and learned chess by the age of 4 in 2000. I played a lot of chess in elementary school with a couple of friends. When I was 8, I was at the local library when I saw a bunch of people with chess boards. I had to see what was going on! I walked over to the picnic area and it turns out, there was a chess tournament. As a determined kid, I knew I had to play in the tournament and, considering it was my first tournament, I did not do all that bad. I scored 2.5 out of 4. I also met my first coach, Bob Salvas, who helped to set my own my way towards chess success. I took “group lessons” with Bob. Bob was not the greatest chess player around, but he sure did have a great attitude. His attitude towards everyone was excellent and it made everyone love the game. After a few sessions, I was out of the beginner  and already on to the intermediate. The same thing happened again in the intermediate section and I was onto the advanced class. By the end of the advanced class, I was already playing very solid games vs. Bob. Since I have graduated, I have helped to teach some chess classes at a few libraries and I have also played in several chess tournaments. When I was younger, I played in several scholastic tournaments and won the majority of them. I also got my first rating in a scholastic tournament. Since then, a lot has changed for me. My chess has developed, I have made a lot of new friends, I have started a chess club at my school, and I now coach online. Just last year, I won the Rhode Island State Scholastic Chess Championships and I was co-champion of the Rhode Island Scholastic State Blitz Championships with my friend Jerome (who is rated over 2000 FIDE).

Like I said above, I do coach here on chess.com, as well as on ICC for very reasonable rates. Many people have come to me and asked for help in live and after a while, I was recommended by one of my friends to become a coach here. So that is exactly what I did. I have trained ALL of my former students up to at least a strength of 1400 (based on chess.com ratings) and I am currently training several of my other students up to 1400+. This can be seen in my student’s comments about my coaching (I keep a record of them in a word document, so if you are interested in seeing them, let me know!) as well as in the fact that I am now in the top 25 coaches on chess.com (based on most services sold).

I am sure that, by now, you are wondering about how I coach and what makes my lessons different than any other coach’s lessons. Well here is the answer: First of all, I always maintain a great attitude with the student. I am always sure that the student understands what he is taught and if he doesn’t, I always let him ask questions (throughout the whole lesson) and I always let them send me messages with questions so that I can take the time to answer them. I am always available on Skype as well, so my students are able to call me. Also, I always maintain a good relationship with the student. It is not uncommon to see me call up my student (via skype) and ask him how he is doing and how his chess is going. Besides the fact that I make the learning environment comfortable, I have also been known to be a great teacher. This is obvious because all of my students have come back to take more lessons, and I have a 100% satisfaction rate. Besides that, I also have helped several people gain significant amounts of rating points. On average, a student of mine gains approximately 50 points per lesson with me.  I do want to point out that not all great players can teach. If you have a GM coach who has yet to help you, then is he really a great coach? I don’t think anyone could say the answer to that is yes. One last thing that most people don’t realize is that, when looking for a coach, you need to find someone you can understand. I speak very fluent English and I speak “distinctly and precisely”. This way, my students can understand me. Also, I have taken several other languages and I am pretty fluent in French, although I may need to work on that a bit.

I offer a lot of services here on chess.com and I specialize in openings. I can teach you any opening you are interested in, either in a lesson or by sending you a document that contains all the moves and important variations. I also offer private lessons, where I work one on one with the student and effectively eliminate his weaknesses and improve on his strengths. These lessons are done in conjunction with skype. Lastly, I also offer practice games where I help the student’s thought process as well as his overall play. If you are interested in other services, feel free to send me a message! My coaching page can also be found here, in case you are interested: www.chess.com/coach/eric

Note: Prices on coach page are set at 25$ because I have school and cannot do lessons midweek. If you let me know in advance, then I will definitely reduce the price. For pricing information, feel free to contact me.

Other than my coaching, I also have several groups that I manage here on chess.com. My favorite of these is Quick Moves. We are an 1800+ group with a great amount of activity. Just recently we passed the top 100 groups barrier and are now on our way to number 1!

Hopefully you enjoyed reading my [very long] profile,


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