Since lockdown has ended, I will be much more inactive, and I will mostly play Daily Chess. During this time, I will try to study chess, and play against bots, so I do not lose all my skill (likely). 

About me!!

Favourite Openings: Bishops Opening (this is actually a very decent opening.) and the Najdorf

Openings I want to learn: Kings Indian Defence, Queens Gambit

Languages I can speak: Italian, English

Languages I am learning: Italian, English, French, Latin

Class: Beginner/Intermediate

Favourite Variant: KOTH (This has also got me a lot of cool friends happy.png)

Favourite Mode: Rapid

Favourite streamers: GothamChess and Hikaru

Favourite chess piece: Knights! 


My Goals for 2021 are:

Blitz: 1,800/Rapid:1800

How I will get to these goals: I will grind, and watch games on YouTube.

My favorite response to the Caro-Kann! (Of course I have to make prep for this, GothamChess made a video about this and plays it all the time, so I need a weapon to beat all of his fans who play this!)