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Wine Ought (COT OTB)
Here, there and everywhere, United States
Nov 7, 2011
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9 days ago
(Forgive the following run-on paragraph. Apparently chess.com doesn't allow for common paragraph separation for non-paying members.) Amongst the backdrop of life I have three hobbies: my wife, wine and chess. But being this site isn't about my wife nor wine, I'll stick to chess in the following blob of words (that I'm writing with a glass of wine at my ready, Cabernet Sauvignon no less). My name is Greg. I began playing in the late 60s as a boy, inspired by the infamous Fischer/Spassky match. I loved the game but resources for learning were limited compared to today's glut of information available. Since the advent of the internet and the ensuing ability to research and study games, openings and strategies almost at will, my game has taken off. Yeah, I'm no longer in my 20s, which is supposed to mean that my faculties for the game should have been limited. (And, I imagine they were.) However, I apparently created some synapse links way back when that seem to be geared towards chess, because my quantum leap -- okay, that's a bit dramatic -- my growth in the game would defy the typical standards for people my age. This is not to say I can be a titled player, nor does it mean I'll beat you. It simply means this: I can stand toe-to-toe with most players I've played with online. However, toe-to-toe is not what I experience when I play titled players. Things seemingly start out fine in the opening, get a bit convoluted in the middle game, and all of a sudden I will find myself in a real quagmire by the endgame. (I have wondered if these titled dudes/dudettes somehow move or remove one of my pieces when I'm not looking...) Anyhow... I imagine if you've read this far then either I'm more interesting than I think I am, or you're bored. The former is doubtful; the latter can be remedied with a game. (hint hint) Good chess to you and yours. Peace (and all that). (I wonder what my wife would say if she knew I said she was a "hobby?" Hmmm...)
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