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Наталия красивая принцесса NATALIA KRASIVAYA PRINTSESSA
Moscow, Russia
May 29, 2013
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May 30, 2017

"I'm not afraid of challenges." I was born in Russia...  Currently enrolled in an advanced program in California to study molecular biology. While growing up, I was also fascinated by plant morphology because my father introduced me to the 1790 work of Goethe. 3 full sisters 2 full brothers and 5 half sisters and 7 half brothers on my father's side.  


Just a modern Russian family with a father who looks like a Russian George Clooney and is a world Chess Grandmaster and a mother who loves dating rich powerful men from around the world while using her unparalleled beauty.  Grand Daughter of one of the best chess players in the history of the world and the Niece of one of the strongest female chess players in Europe.  Cousin to two of the most powerful chess players in North America.  Best friend of one of the top female chess champions in the world today and neighbor to an international chess champion from America.  


My family is a Russian chess dynasty and they have always wanted me to practice more and get better at chess...  but secretively I've been studying their games and learning to improve.


I too would probably be competing for world championships if I so devoted myself to it, but at 18 I'm about to graduate from college and I'm starting 2 companies and working as an consultant to a multi-national pharmaceutical company so I only play chess online and with family on holidays


I'm one of the youngest, and least experienced chess player in the family.  My brothers and sisters are all rated above 2300 and hold championships in different countries.  


I speak 5 languages fluently and have lived in 8 different countries... so far...  I grew up living on our family estates in Russia and Eastern Europe but I enjoy traveling and I really like America because it fosters intellectual freedom and democracy.  


Greetings Chess World!  I'm Princess_Athena!


Truly yours,



красивая принцесса
krasivaya printsessa
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