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john B
B.C, Canada
Feb 8, 2013
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6 days ago
I love Chess, Snowboarding, Skiing Mountain Biking, Golf and I'm also a Hockey Nut! And video games shall forever hold a lasting appeal to me ever since I Was marveling and awe struck over the 8 BIT graphics of my NES =D I play poker for a living. Yah it's fun but has a definite side of brutality surrounding it also. You definitely have to enjoy it and keep the constant focus on strategy and improvement or you will lose your edge. That's where Chess helps and I'm very glad I rediscovered it. Thanks to my Dad for teaching me and introducing me to it. If you made it this far have a good day, good luck with your Chess and thanks for reading :D ------------------------------------------- The miserable blitz chess player’s 10 commandments ------------------------------------------- 1- Thou play all the obvious moves and never bother to look for anything interesting; 2- Thou always play the same prepared refuted garbage; the opponent will never be able to refute it in such short time. 3- Thou look for every possible trade and execute it, let your opponent try to construct anything OTB. 4- Thou shall push 5- Thou play the London, Colle or anything that gives you no advantage for White but prevents u from getting mated soon. 6- Thou always trade queens; you never get mated after that. 7- Thou never give rematch if you realize your opponent was a better player, no matter the result of the game. 8- Thou prevent every kind of idea from your opponent; no matter how useless or ridiculous maybe for him. 9- Thou look for opponents who allow you to have a 3+/1 winning-losing rate. 10- Thou disable the chat; we don’t wanna be unfairly accused from any of this list.
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