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United States
May 5, 2013
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Nov 10, 2016
Hello my names xpchesser i love chess of course everybody loves chess. But unlike most people i have a different love for the game i might not be a child prodigy becoming a grandmaster at such a young age. Lets say ive always been attracted to chess here and then one summer i decided to give chess a try and i was hooked without knowing any openings i justed wanted to learn the basics and so i did. With every struggle comes hardwork after taking a beating and moving my pieces wildly i decided it was time to learn how to properly develop my pieces thats when i started to understand openings then i moved on to how to work on my pawn structures all the while working on my strategy and tactics that was 2 years ago my game has quite florished but i still need improvement i want to get better just because i learned openings developement of my pieces and pawn structures. I want to learn more i want to know how to fluidly build my game so i can be a well rounded chess player
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