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Pekka Sopanen
Lappeenranta, Finland
Aug 18, 2010
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Oct 23, 2016
Saimaa is not saima. Saimaa is 4th biggest lake of Europa, and its in Finland. The famous chess grandmaster Savielly Tartakower was once asked to explain his abysmal performance at a certain tournament. "I had a toothache during the first game," he explained. "In the second game, I had a headache. In the third game, it was an attack of rheumatism. In the fourth game, I wasn't feeling well. And in the fifth game? Well, must one have to win every game!?" IM in correspondence chess (2002). I played a lot until 1993, when my older son was born and I stop playing over the board chess and turn to correspondence chess. Playing bullet 2 1, blixt 3 1 and standard 15 10 games for fun, haven,t played serous games in last years. Have fun, intresting games! I prefere Chess Mentor and Tactics Trainer Style of play: Anacondas may seem peaceful on the exterior, but the Anaconda is always preparing something menacing - a deep positional squeeze, typical of the big snake. Anacondas usually reject obvious and direct play, and instead prefer to build up positional pressure. They tend to be very attached to their own ideas, almost to the point of seeming like the result of the game is secondary. But don't be fooled: once an Anaconda has you in his grip, you will be very lucky to escape. Recommended Openings White: Four Knights; Reti System Black: French Defense; Caro-Kann
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