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Hello! My name is Sarvesh.

I like to refer to myself as a titled player (FutureGM, for FGM for short) even though that title doesn't exist.

Here are some of my best games: 

25...Nf4! Like you weren't down 4 pawns already, now you're sacrificing both knights! In the game, my opponent didn't take either and got checkmated, but if he played something like 26.gxf4, then 26...Nh2, with a pin on the queen, attack on the rook, and still a substantial attack.

I would like to refer to this game as my immortal game, as I "sacrificed" (more like blundered) 4 pawns (I actually sacrificed one or two) and sacrificed both knights as well (this time I actually sacrificed), to win the game.

22...Qb6!! is a brilliant move, because it is the only move that draws. Any other move loses for black. However, my opponent blundered, so I ended up winning the game, and my first brilliant move.

The only game where I have made a brilliant move. I treasure this game, possibly more than my immortal game.

These are only some of my best games. I just handpicked a few to share.

Here is my best tournament. It was quite recent. It was none other than the US National Junior Chess Congress, a Nationwide chess tournament with players even coming from Canada and Mexico.

I was playing for the Ohio team, and I really wanted them to win. In order for a team to win, the Top 3 scorers' scores would be added up, and compared to other teams.

Before the tournament, I requested a 1/2 point bye for round 5, and it got approved. This means that I would get 1/2 point on round 5 without playing at all.

This was the first game I played. After many missed opportunities by my opponent, such as 33...exd4 instead of 33...bxc3, and 37...Qf5 instead of 37...Qg3+, I managed to defend a very long and grueling endgame for 1 hour, sacrificing a pawn for a drawn knight endgame, to a draw. With this draw, I had 1/2 points.

This was the second round. I was paired against a significantly higher rated opponent. Just a few moves into the game, I missed a tactic that my opponent had, which is 16.Qxg6, and I was down a piece due to the pin on the f-pawn, and even though I got 2 pawns for the piece, I ended up blundering another piece with 18...Bg6, and after 19.Qxg6, I resigned, because I was down too much material to continue playing this. So with this loss, I had 1/3 points, and to make my team win, I had to make a serious comeback.

In this third game, it was a largely equal game, until I missed a tactic with 20...Bxf3, and even though I played it later, it was too late, and it was drawish, until my opponent started making positional errors, which I immediately took advantage of. He had terrible pawn structure on the kingside, whereas I had a queenside majority, so I used that to win a tense battle with the black pieces. I had a score of 2/5 now.

So it all came to this game. I played against the Petrov, and using a trap, I ended up winning my opponent's queen, followed by checkmate in just 12 moves. I got 3/5 points, my best performance ever in a National Competition, and I was also 3rd place in my team, meaning my scores actually counted towards a team trophy. Our team got 1st place in this competition.

I also have a youtube channel, and I post content to improve your chess. I am currently on beginner concepts, but I will be getting to more advanced concepts soon. I post weekly. I only have 16 subscribers, so I encourage you to subscribe. Once I get to 100 subscribers, I will create a Twitch streaming channel as well as a second (and possibly a third) youtube channel.

Check out my youtube channel:

Thank You for reading my bio! Wait, is it okay to go around reading people's bios? Not that I do that, but just asking.