Diamond Member

I am a old 53 year old chess player trying to improve my chess.  over the board I am 734 but I feel I am better than that.  But will be using as a tool over the next year to improve my chess to place 3 wins out of Five at the Kings Island open 2017 Under 1000. This past year I won 2 out 5.  Won a game against 900 level player.

 Well, I played the U1000 section of the Kings Island Open 2017 my results were much better than last year thanks to I scored 4 out 5 points (3 wins and 2 draws).  Better yet I played all 900+ players because of the way my draw was.  I came in tied for 2nd place versus 19th last year.  My rating went from 734 to 1013 in one tournament.  Thank you the money spent here for my membership was well worth it.  It proves if you have the right tool and invest time into practicing you can dramatically improve.  For those of you with higher ratings. I know this is not much but for me its a huge deal. In 2018 I played again Kings Island Open.  This time I played in the U1250 Section. I won 2 and lost 2.  My rating went up 48 points.    I could have done better but, I will practice and hopefully perform better next year.