If you are ever feeling like you want to die, go talk to, hug, and cry with a trust-worthy friend who will support you, and themselves as well.

I only accept friend request’s from people I am friends with.

How I feel

Don't send me advertisements(Unless I know you personally). Thanks!

My hobbies are chess. Video games. Anime. Cartoons. YouTube. And rock, K-pop, night-core, Alan walker, and anime music.

Message me if you need any help/advice. Want to talk. Get recommendation’s on anime/cartoons/video games/YouTube videos/music. Or get chess advice for free.

I'm often calm, but can get very mad at times.

I mostly play 1+0, 3+0, and 15+10.

My favourite players are Praggnanandhaa. Andrew tang. And Eric Rosen.

My favourite anime scenes

My favourite anime is "erased".

My favourite cartoon is "young justice"/"Avatar the last airbender"/"generator REX".

My favourite film is "the dark tower".

My favourite songs

My favourite AMV

My clubs

I really liked this

I'm sad this thread is deadsad.png. Go post in it if you want to

How to get a PS5

Rick Astley's feelings when someone gets rickrolled and instantly leaves the page

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Discord name: shadow1414#6068.