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Timo Valeri Junolainen
Turku, Finland
Feb 17, 2010
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Apr 15, 2017

I am avid fan of Heroes V(©Nival), and somewhat fan of Heroes VI(©Black Hole).

Heroes V is just incredible, huge, but yet - limited.

Chess, actually - is rather "Heroes" which is not limited, I just didn't "see" how figures work, as I "see" on Heroes battlefield and therefore barely could enjoy chess Frown

Always wanted to "see", but for some time to no avail.. Up until now. Got enlightened at some point - alternatives, consequences, strategies ... May be "feel" even better word than "see".

As a result - I would say that I am, at least somewhat, gifted player (finishing H5 on difficult level is rather hard). But at this moment I lack experience in chess. Luckily this problem gets better with time and practice.

Also - as far as I see "Analysis Board" is allowed on Chess.com, but not in real life game. Thus at the moment I'd suck in reallife - due to my greenish experience I need to move material a bit, to see better what will come out of it.

And finally - little advice from beginner :-) Time is most essential in chess, closely followed by positional advantage. And insipration is sun and god above all other chess matters.

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