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Snowy -- No need to ask my real name. call me Snowy

Southeast, United States
Apr 16, 2017
Last Login
12 hrs ago
Supporting member since May 13, 2017

Currently not in many forums but am in clubs. Will reply to all notes.

Please join my club right here: https://www.chess.com/club/the-wolves

"Do not judge someone's maturity and age by how they act. Find more information about them first. Then you will know what to do." Me

Hello delightful member of chess.com, I would like to give you some accurate data for you to view if you would take your time and read it.. (click more please)

  1. I love to chat and make new friends, so if you have a club to invite me to I will happily join. If I do not meet the requirements to that certain club, I will notify you. Or you could leave me a private message if you would like a personal conversation. Or just leave a simple note; I will always reply.
  2. I mainly play daily because I usually don't have time for live. If you send a request to play daily, please note that I may not accept. I like to have around 25 games or less.
  3. I am on chess.com almost every day, so if you do not receive a reply when you say something on my page, it is because I am on vacation or I just got tired of chess.com. But no worries, both of those are very rare. 
  4. My dream is to become a book writer or songwriter. I am currently writing a book. One day I might post each chapter separately in a blog.
  5. Please be willing to friend request me! I accept them all, unless you are a big spammer, a very rude person, or a person who curses.
  6. I am not on live often now, because it is fall. You might find me in live, but it is not the most common thing.
  7. If I offend you in anyway, do not block me or get angry. Leave me a private message and we can settle it.
  8. I am a Christian homeschooler and am not ashamed to be one.


And now to list some of my favorite things. If you don't want to, you can leave right now. But I thought it would be neat if I listed them.


  1. My favorite movie is I Can Only Imagine
  2. My favorite song is Turn The Music Up by NF
  3. My favorite show is Mr. Young.
  4. My favorite artist is Fireflight
  5. My favorite color is red and black.
  6. My favorite genre of music is Christian Hard Rock.
  7. My favorite game is Mario Kart Wii.
  8. And my favorite book is The Bronze Bow.


  1. My brother is @JesusFreak700 and my real life friends are @FriskyHobo and @Attackaustin

My best friends are: @Mrayquaza1, @Eryxc, @Garry_Fish52 and @MainframeSupertasker 

Two of my good friends that I've have for a long time are: @Josephyossi and @1400136896

My birthday is 11/18

You may call me Tbird, which is my old nickname for my old username, or what I'd prefer now since I've changed my name, Snowy.

Thank you for coming to my page and reading this. Be sure to give me a note! happy.png 

If I am annoying to you... I am sorry, please forgive me.

Last updated: 10/14

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