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NM SoCalJuniorChess

Shyam Gandhi

Los Angeles, United States
Sep 20, 2014
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6 hrs ago
Supporting member since Jun 29, 2016

Online private lessons available over Skype

Training Games with Skype Analysis also available 


Message me here on chess.com if interested

 Hi and thanks for visiting my coaching profile!

I am National Master Shyam Gandhi and I would love to be the coach that takes your game to new heights!  

I am the President and co-founder of SoCalJuniorChess (a small business started by two close friends that run affordable, quality, chess camps for kids of all levels). I currently help run a non-profit chess club (no dues) with around 75 kids.

I have several years of teaching experience and started running chess camps in 2016. I have been fortunate enough to teach students of all ages all over the world during this time. 

I have consistently been top 30 in the nation for my age group throughout the last ten years and have competed nationally and internationally in tournaments since the age of five. 

Here is a link to the first time I became one of the top ten players for my age in the country. 


I have always considered chess a hobby (albeit a big one) and thus have never had any interest in pursuing a GM or IM title, but was able to become a National Chess Master when I was 16 anyways and can teach you or your kids how to do the same.

Best Tournament Win (Classical Chess): IM Joshua Sheng (2016) (2400 FIDE)

Best Tournament Performance: 2014 North American Open Champion

Best Recent Tournament Performance (March 2019): National Collegiate Blitz Champion

Specialty: Teaching dedicated kids   


I currently enjoy teaching chess to my private students as my deepest passion but still compete in tournaments regularly in order to stay in touch with the game.

Apart from playing and teaching chess, I can be found weightlifting or playing basketball.

have also won four state championships.

I have also won a national championship.


Why Choose Me as Your Next Coach?

  • Personalized curriculum for every student
  • Flexibility in schedule
  • Student Success


2018 Jan-Feb Student Accomplishments:

Matthew W. (unrated): 2nd best unrated at the 2018 American Youth Chess Championship U400 section in his first tournament! (January) First Tournament

Sathya S.: 120+ point rating gain at Whittier Chess Club (February)

Matthew W. (Provisional): 2nd/63 participants in Unrated Section at L.A. Super City Championships (February) Second Tournament


July-December 2017 Student Accomplishments:

Viranshi V.: 639 to 806 USCF in one tournament! (July)

Naveen P. (1465): Tie for 2nd/54 in Greater California Scholastic Championships in U1500 section (August)

Sathya S. (1279): Tie for 5th/54 at the Greater California Scholastic Championships U1500 Section (August)

Darsh M. (672): +49 point rating gain! (August)

Naveen P. (1565): Tie for 2nd/32 at the SoCalOpen U1600 section - +75 point rating gain! (September)

Sathya S. (1326): 3rd place at the 9th Off Da Rook Scholastic K-12 Open Section (October)

Darsh M. (766): 2nd place at the 9th Off Da Rook Scholastic K-8 U700 Section- +94 point rating gain! (October)

Vaideesh S. (1061): Clear 1st at the 9th Off Da Rook Scholastic K-12 U1000 Section- +100 point rating gain! (October)

Sathya S. (1408): T-3rd Place at 53rd Annual American Open U1400 section  (November)


Now accepting students! Don't miss out!


See what my students who were kind enough to write a review of my coaching skills said (unedited):


"Shyam was great in teaching chess. He was always prepared for the lessons to teach and the homework was ready ahead of the class. He took time to explain both kids separately considering there age and their skill level. My kids enjoyed learning from Shyam."

Mridu S.- Los Angeles, CA


"I approached Shyam because my son was falling behind in tournaments due to the lack of private coaching guidance/analysis that we could offer. We wanted someone who can analyze his games, teach new tactics and mentor him in this area. I heard about Shyam through one of my friend and how he helped her son to improve the ratings. Shyam being a senior in HS and playing tournaments regularly himself makes a big difference in teaching younger kids as he is able to related to how tournaments are played etc. Shyam has helped my son in providing detailed analysis of the games and what moves really helped or didn't help with the game etc.I have found the experience to be very helpful for my son as he started getting back on track that I thought he was falling behind. And also the convenience of taking it online without having to drive is a plus as well for busy parents.I would recommend Shyam to people who need help with mentoring and detailed analysis of games, tactics. "

Sudha R. - Los Angeles, CA


"I decided to enroll my child in a SoCal Junior Chess Camp because it was affordable and taught by highly rated young chess players. I had been looking for more ways to feed my son's love for chess.  My son learned a lot about strategies during the day, and he enjoyed blitz when he was able to apply what he learned One thing I liked was the small group learning environment I found the experience inspiring to meet such lovely people The instructors were young but extremely skilled at chess. Because they were young, they could relate to the kids' struggles with chess.  I would recommend SoCal Junior Chess Camps to parents who are looking for an affordable option for their budding to advanced chess players."

Lili Y. - Los Angeles, CA


"I wholeheartedly recommend  SoCalJuniorChessCamp to anyone remotely interested in the world of chess. My son was so engrossed in the camp on the first day that he actually forgot to eat lunch! He learned a great deal, from tactics to mindset/strategy all while growing his love and passion for the game. From a pure novice to a rated player, the instructors can cater to any and all levels of skill."

David Y.- Los Angeles, CA

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