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Romy Rodríguez
Puerto Rico
Jun 7, 2012
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1 day ago
I love chess. I think it's the coolest game ever invented. It's a game of war and thinking and torture. I've always liked mental torture. Started playing when I was 9 or 10 and from then fell in love with it. I have a deep respect for chessplayers (and have a not so secret crush on Kasparov). The best thing about chess is that it's art and science combined, like the artist Marcel Duchamp once put it "...while not all artists are chessplayers, all chessplayers are artists". And despite its intrinsically competitive nature it's also a social game in a sense. I'm currently majoring in physics.. I hope to get a masters or a PhD in astronomy or astroparticle physics someday. I also love to play the piano and seriously believe that had I learned to play earlier I might have become a concert pianist. Chopin is probably my favorite composer, followed by Beethoven and Brahms. My favorite piece of music is the Requiem in D by Mozart. I always feel there's not enough time to do everything you like... which is why I try to squeeze the most of my time though I don't always succeed. I'm only playing chess for pleasure now, although I'm always seeking to improve.
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