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Scott Andreacci
New Jersey, United States
Nov 24, 2007
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Supporting member since Nov 21, 2012


Quick History:

I really enjoyed chess when I was young (1970's) and only had one friend who played. I spent most of my time trying to learn from the few books I had, playing through the games in the newspaper and from watching a chess show on public TV. If I had met someone like Dan back than, I can only imagine what the impact would have been because it was a game I was truly drawn to.


After years of off and on occasional playing, I heard about Dan in 2007 and decided to reach out to him for weekly lessons. I joined the USCF and with Dan's encouragement played my first OTB tournament at Hamilton Chess Club (This was 1 week before I was going to play in my 2nd tournament - The World Open). After playing OTB tournaments I was hooked.


I was doing good up until early 2011 when I had to temporarily pull away from my chess study and play because of personal / business reasons. I went from 4 hours of chess a day to pretty much nothing. 2011 was the year from hell for me and I didn't have any opportunity to even think about the game. Finally, in 2012 I was able to make some time to start back in but I was just doing tactics books and reading over annotated games but I was still unable to mentally get back into playing.


In 2013 I only had a chance to play a very few OTB tournaments and life was still making it difficult to get back into my routines. Finally in 2016 I found time to really enjoy chess again. I rely more on Chess Tempo for tactics training and create tactic sets for pattern / motif recognition. Dan is still my instructor (he'll be my instructor for as long as he's alive and kicking happy.png). I've also started back with doing annotated game books. 


Even though I joined Chess.com back in 07 I found out in November 2012 about the DHLC on the site and decided to go with a paid membership.  I still tend to play games on ICC but I'll admit I do enjoy Chess.com and look forward to playing more on the site. I also have accounts (same ID: sra66) on LiChess, Chess24, PlayChess and FICS. 


It's now October 2017 and I'm preparing myself for my first OTB tournament in January 2018. If you are interested in playing long games or would like someone to study openings with please drop me a message on Chess.com, ICC or LiChess. Best of luck to everyone! 


Kindest Regards,

Scott A. / New Jersey

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