Elgee Enriquez
South San Francisco, United States
Feb 5, 2009
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Sep 28, 2016
I just started playing chess again Feb 3 '09 since my HIghschool intrams in '78. I love meeting people here and it serves as a medium in exchanging ideas and growing more better personally I'm just a simple John with selfless other centered passion. I love to help whenever I have the means. I love to explore and meet new friends. My calling is to share my knowledge in nutritional therapy and I am so amazed as I make a difference in the life of people I get in touched with. I have PHD - Persistent, Honest and determined compared to before Poor, Hungry and Desperate. The more trying the situation, the more fortitude I possess. I believe in effective partnering in order to accomplish a goal or a project that results to extraordinary success. (No man is an island.) I love chess win or lose. It's the journey of a one minute game that excites me not the result.
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