May 5, 2018
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Everyone's still learning and we're all here 'cause we love chess (hopefully) wink.png So, KEEP PLAYING and never give up.

Also, if you were to be any piece on the chessboard, what would it be? (I'd be a queen 'cause it resembles me tongue.png ...just joking).

(Okay, I realized that this looks super cheesy since no one said anything and I sound like a pixie.)

I accept all friend requests! And blitz matches or 960's (I'm not so good at 960, just saying). 

A few things about me: 

  • I love puzzle battles and I'm trying out other things like 4 player chess etc..
  • I'm EXTREMELY passionate about the environment, so please use Ecosia and OceanHero, it literally means everything
  • My favorite chess quote: “When you see a good move, look for a better one”-Emanuel Lasker

I'll join most clubs as long as you let me know about it : ) Apart from that, please join my friend's club Poink4106 and Friends Club, we need more members and we appreciate everyone, a thousand thank you's to whoever joins!

Yeah I know, my bio is super choppy...