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Feb 22, 2011
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Some thoughts about blitz 'live' chess

1) At the moment Monday and Tuesday seem to be computer assisted days - it feels to me players will suddenly play like GMs one day, then on another day, they play with blunders

2) Doesn't make sense when players are exceptionally very good at blitz but their online chess and tactics trainer are very poor

3) Players will play the same idea with opening moves, then they switch to another opening for a certain period of time. At the moment they are playing modern defence. I would understand one player doing this, but lots doing it at a given time? - Strange!

4) I hate it when players don't do a rematch. If they have to go, then they should be polite and just simply say, 'sorry, have to go'

5) I hate players disconnecting when they have a lost position

6) I cannot understand how someone who has played 23,000 games is an OK player and we are both more or less equal, then you get a player who has only played 200 games and he's a genius!

7) I cannot understand why I can beat 1450/1550 players and I struggle with 1250/1350 rating players. I looked to see how many games they play and more or less all have played the same amount of games. In theory more games you play more experience you gather, but in this case, I am puzzled.

8) Why do players continue playing in a completely lost game - for example, 2 Queens verse King. Are they trying to achieve stalemate, not aware of the resign button, bad sports, or is it really a computer assisted engine that doesn't know when to resign, it just continues playing?

9) Program assisted engines struggle with closed positions.

10) You play the first game and win easily, then challenge you again and they play like a Super Grand Master

11) Sometimes when you first go on live chess, you have a session where all players are like GM engines. Then it calms down and you start playing humans.

12) You reach a certain rating, around 1450/1500 and suddenly all ratings play like a GM engine. This is a common pattern, as my statistic graph shows.

13) Why is it when someone beats you they immediately go, not giving you the chance to say good game or a rematch. Yet, when I win they linger around not doing anything.

14) I am puzzled why I can beat computer-hard 1585 rating and I struggle with 1300 players.

15) There are very good blitz players on here but I am just not convinced when players just rattle out accurate moves without thinking, from start to finish.

16) Played hard computer and I am convinced players play the same style as the computer

17) I have noticed different breed of players at 8:00pm and 5:00am local times.

18) Is it really possible to play at the same speed, say, 3 seconds per move throughout the game with good forcing moves? I can understand the opening but the whole game?

19) Players deliberately lose a piece then play like a GM

20) Opening play good. Middle game play, good. All equal. Then they switch on engine and suddenly play like a GM

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