Let me introduce myself:

Name: Call me Protect Happiness ( Can you guess my name ? 😉 )

Age: 12

Address: Vietnam

Favorite food: Bread, rice, beef, noodles, ice cream, ... (more but can't survey exactly 😜🛒)

Favorite player : GM Le Quang Liem ; GM Le Tuan Minh

Favorite opening: Italian Game (Because there are many good and interesting traps)

My best friends: Sadboyfreefire_PhamDuCha ; chessvn_1205 ;  Nghiabibayacccayvl ;TQU-doangiaminh ; phungphong-nopro ; Phung Phong ;  Nguyenhoangphucdepzai . But the best one is nntk2803  

Club: Việt Nam vươn tầm thế giới (please join all members)

Favorite subjects: English, Math (I prefer Geography to History), probably... Literature

Favorite sport: Rubik's Cube, Chess, Badminton.

Favorite quote: It's funny how hurt people want to hurt others                                                                         

                                                                             Barack Obama

If you want to make friend with me, click at here