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Hi! My name is Jack and I am on the top 100 7 year old list,com_top_players/Itemid,371?op=list&month=2111&f=usa&l=R:Regular%20Top%20Age%207%20and%20. You must check here every 15th of the month to see it update. I also have a YouTube channel. It is Jack Bryant Chess. Also, I love spending time with my fun fabulous family. I also like doing CrossFit. I am pretty strong. I won 2nd Place in a 8-10 year old completion. Also I am trying to get better because if I can try a bit harder I can get on the 8 year old USCF lists. I really like Chess and all the other hobbies I just talked about. Another thing I like about Chess Is that it helps me in school. Not just school. It helps me in my whole life with my focus. I will always accept friend requests. I will also accept any challenges. Who knows maybe I will see you in one of my tournaments! I really like interacting with other people in real life and online. It is fun to play a very very challenging game with other people. Not just myself but with other people. And if I lose or win I would love to look at the game with you. I am trying to tell you all about my life. Also I started Chess at 3 years old. I had my first account. Chesskid. It has all sorts of fun stuff for kids who want to learn Chess. Chess has just been fun for me over the years. My motto in Chess is that if you do not like the game then people are forcing you to do it. Also if you lose one game do not get upset! I have lost dozens of games and look where I am now. Chess should be fun for you not boring because if it is you should not be getting forced to do it. Now if you don't like Chess that much but still want to play then still play for fun. My dad @ToddBryant is a NM. ( National master) And Evan Rabin @PremierChess64. My friends/Family are @AyaanandJack,@Grams5,@122c3.