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Travis Olson
Mukilteo, WA, United States
Mar 7, 2010
Last Login
Oct 11, 2017

1: Travis Olson, 1920 USCF, currently at my peak, born 1991. I was deprived of chess as a kid. Now I'm hastily trying to make up for

it. I'm entirely self-taught, with no outside influences that brought be into

chess, except my high school chess team!

2: I was President of the University of Washington Chess Club from Jan 2011

thru Mar 2012, and then led the UW Bothell Chess Club from Oct 2012 thru Dec

2013. Before that I was 1st-3rd board on my high school chess team, only

rated 1200-1400 (started out 800) in scholastics at the time.

3: I did not start playing USCF until Feb 2012. Currently a chess coach

looking for excited and ambitious/self-motivated students!


5: Anyone who ever cared about quality chess would play on an increment.

"Flagging people is not skill." ~Dare-Dare

6: When deciding whether or not to "play up a section", my motto is this: Play

for experience when it's cheap, and play to win when it's expensive!


8: The ability to think and problem-solve in a non-time-pressured environment

are my greatest weapons. Without them, I am lost.

9: (Hint: This is why I suck at blitz! I am open for advice though.)

10: Some people cannot handle the truth. I strive every day to seek it out.

11: I have no time for correspondence chess! Such a terrible chore!

12: THIS GAMBIT IS PURE EVIL!!! d4 Nf6 c4 g6 Nc3 Bg7 e4 d6 f3 O-O Be3 c5! dxc5?? dxc5 Bxc5?? I lost to a 1500 playing it!

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