Jun 14, 2017
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8 hrs ago

Hello my name is Trace and I found this website from a friend & have been addiicted ever since! I've been playing chess since the 2nd grade & had a great chess coach who would take us out on weekends for live tournaments which I did pretty well & received about 10 or so trophies during this time but unfortunately I lost all of them when I got evicted from  my apt at 19 when I got in trouble with the law being young & immature . I'm now 46 years old now & much more mature, humble, kind, generous, caring & will give you the shirt off my back to help some1 in need. I was also 10 year old state champion as well going 4 for 4 which is a highlight for me & made me very PROUD! The last time I was serious at CheSS was 2001 when I went to the world open championship in Philadelphia & I came in 9th out of 125 players in the 1200-1400 section. My clock timed USCF rating has been as high as 1603 but then lost some games which brought my rating down but I'm just HAPPY I found my love & passion for chess again through findings this website! I LOVE this website & have studied endless hours since joining! I just won the very first tourny I joined which was the 3 day daily tourny on here which was the "chess university world championship" & am so excited my studying helped me win this tourny becuz being a 💎 diamond member you can study so MUCH More then I could have ever realized this site has to offer! I feel so fortunate & humble to have won this tourny! More to come....time to go to work.....start at 6pm to 430 am......