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Soul Watcher
Earth, United States
Feb 16, 2010
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Feb 19, 2015
I enjoy chess of course, among many other things. I'm self taught and play at a casual level. I am open to making friends from all over the world. When I play chess... it's all me and ONLY me... I never use programs or external help (during game play)... so if I make any mistakes or wins, they are all my own moves. I look forward to playing more and learning more. I don't mind chatting, friendly conversation, and making friends on here... but please DO NOT try to rush me or hurry me in a game of chess... take your time, and let me take my time. Those that try to rush me... I will disable the chat and not speak. I prefer a more relaxed paced game... I like at least 20 minutes, 30 - 60 minutes preferred. I despise the ''blitz'' games, I don't believe a real game of chess can be played in only a few minutes... it's a thinking game, not a race. I also don't give a shit what my rating or anyone else's rating is, I like to learn but I can careless about being a ''grand master'', it's just another pastime for me. Chess is the most fun with another patient and respectful player. SOME THINGS I LIKE: Chess, Board Games, Art, Drawing, Guitar, Music; Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Progressive rock, Jazz, Instrumental, Classical. Computers and Electronics, Cooking, Drinking, 420, Writing, Reading, and learning all I can. Individualism and Freedom. SOME SHIT I HATE: The overly impatient, Trivial superficial one dimensional mindless sheeple, The piss ignorant, Rap, Hiphop, and any of that garbage. Mainstream media, Corrupted big corporatism and shallow materialism, Both democrats and republicans, Whites that think they're black. Materialistic people. Big government and unconstitutional law against individual freedom. Shitty cunts that aren't worth dating. Most people in general... as I tend to be a bit of a loner...
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