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Hi! I am 25-year-old Woman International Master Tijana. I come from a chess family (my dad is Grand Master and mum is Woman FIDE master), so I've been playing chess since I was 5.
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I have a bachelor's degree in Information Systems and Technology from Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade.

Playing experience:

-I am a standard national team member of Montenegro and I participated in 3 Olympiads and 2 European team championships.
-I won a bronze medal in the World Youth chess championship under 18 (Halkidiki, 2015) and a bronze medal at the European Youth Championship Under 18 years (Porec 2015).https://i.imgur.com/6htbBdI.png
-Also, have 3 norms for Woman Grand Master and one for International Master.
-I participated at Susan Polgar's Camp for 10 the most talented girls in the world under 20 years old (2015 in Vienna).

Teaching experience:

-5 years of private lesson experience
-1 year experience as a consultant to the International Master and FIDE Master
-Simultaneous exhibition
-Coach at Marshall chess club (New York) - Intermediate Strategy Course (Parts I & II)
-Chessable course: Everyone's First Strategy Kit


My best coach skills:

✔️Lessons based on individual weaknesses
✔️Analytical skills
✔️Middlegames (Strategy/Tactic)
✔️Utilizing modern tools (databases, PGN files)

Teaching methodology:

1) Students should send me at least 10 games of their game (classic, rapid or blitz) or links to their accounts on chess websites.
2a) I will analyze their games to find common mistakes and base lessons around them. For example, lessons can be how to make plan in simple or in complicated position, position estimate based on key factors, basic, intermediate or advanced endgames, tactics, strategy, pawn structure, bad and good pieces, frequent motives, openings... During the lesson, emphasis is put on the thinking process and psychology. I ought to share not only what I think about a certain position, but what chain of thoughts led me to that.
2b) The other option is to play a couple of games with a student and then analyze the games.
3) Everything we do in the class, homework and additional material is given after every class.

I hold lessons via Zoom/Skype  + chess.com's classroom/Screen Sharing
You can pay for the lesson using PayPal, credit card or bank transfer
Hourly rate:
$50 lesson or $30 training games with commentary, Bundle(8+1)
$20 for group lesson (max 6 people in same group)
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You can send a message to me on chess.com, on the email tijana.blagojevic97@gmail.com
or for group lessons at: tijana.blagojevic@chess-boost.com