I love Skibidi toilet so much, that I abandoned my family for it and am now homeless but at least I have my Skibidi toilet poster and my crusty iPad. Skibidi Lore is my favorite genre of movie and I love it so much, Skibidi Toilet Theories are My favorite things, I love how the generous Skibidi Toilet Community support each other. The Skibidi FanBase is so kind, the other day I met a nice 5-year-old boy who taught me about Skibidi Toilet and everything I know is thanks to him, I really love Skibidi Toilet and I hope more people follow my path. I truly just love the lore of Skibidi Toilet and have some great theories here:

1) The Skibidi Toilets are building a big laser on Gman's forehead to take out Speaker Man and steal his core.

2) Titan TV Man is greedy and is gonna be the strongest character so that he can win but only with the TV men (and women UwU I love TV Woman)

3) The Skibidi song is actually a metaphor for reality and the tough situation that we Skibidi lovers find ourselves in

If you have any good theories, please message me I would love to hear more theories!!!!

I really think that if Skibidi toilet was a real thing, society would be much better. We would not be so divided, only the Skibidis and the alliance would be there and after seeing how wholesome the Skibidi toilet community is, I know we could end the Skibidi war if we just made DafuqBoom president of Earth.

I just wish more people would like Skibidi toilet, I lost all my friends in my homeschool group once I started loving Skibidi toilet, but I no longer need that group, now I have a group of kids dedicated to learning more about the lore of Skibidi toilet, I just wish more people would be my friend that actually exist, maybe one day I'll have a friend that's not just a Skibidi Toilet pillow. Skibidi toilet really does help societal change and I think we should all swear allegiance to the toilets and give up our souls to higher beings such as G-Man and Skibidi Scientist man.

Not only did all of my friends leave me, but my family disowned me as well! but I don't mind!! I  have my Skibidi toilet merch and my iPad with me here to keep me company on the streets of America, as I personally don't think Skibidi toilet is below family, Family is a secondary thing, Skibidi Toilet Body Pillows are more important than those losers. I might've been off of the streets, as I had 1000 USD to my name from my Skibidi toilet theory videos on YouTube, but after my account got banned I knew I had to use my money sparingly and get a job. My new job is unpaid, Nonprofit worker. My cause is to get more kids access to Skibidi toilet by banning age restrictions from YouTube, and I spent my last 1 grand on Skibidi Toilet body pillows, newspaper ads, posters, and much more!! I used my resources wisely and I ended up in a great space! I now have my dream Job!!

I have A breaking theory here: THE SKIBIDI TOILETS ARE THE GOOD GUYS!!

this is a theory backed by the Bible, scientific research, world leaders, and even Albert Einstein, the logic behind my amazing theory is that the cameramen commit war crimes when they don't film and that they started the war they just weren't filming it however, their attempts to hide their dirty tactics sometimes fail. they committed a war crime in episode 7 where they stormed a peaceful skibidi toilet church session, as the toilets tried to flee the cameramen killed their saint. research also proves that the skibidi toilets and generally peaceful creatures, but are very defensive when attacked first, which we know they were, we also have quotes to back it up: "Skibidi is of the holiest descent and we must not try to destroy them or risk our own souls"- Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysian president. "Mathematically, you are in the wrong to agree with ferrel war crime commuters with camera heads as opposed to skibidi heroes"- Albert Einstien. With all this evidence you must support the skibidi toilets, they are doing the right thing.

New Theory: Malaysia is where the Skibidi spawner is!!! If you look in the quotes section above, you will see that Malaysian leader Anwar Ibrahim said a pro-toilet quote, while if we look at the stats 87 percent of Malaysians prefer the Speaker and Cameramen, so why is it that Malaysia, an anti-skibidi nation would build the spawners, well the answer to that lies in political geography, Malaysian government officials would obviously live in the capital, however Malaysia has two capitals, so one would have to fire two barrages and 2 brutal wars would take place for the cameramen to destroy the spawner, and while Malaysia may be anti toilet, the govt blames brunei for interfering with their politics and is trying to distract its people by talking about an invasion day for brunei that will never come. Malaysia also has a very similar flag to the USA and at a glance the alliance of evil would think their main target is in the USA, and we know titan cameraman and cinema man are only able to take glances from my skibidi youtube channel theories. How do you love this theory chat? is it okay? do you approve (my titan speaker man body pillow does) and should I do more geopolitical theories? DM me for more.