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John Patrick Lazaro
San Luis, Batangas, Philippines
Apr 29, 2014
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16 hrs ago

I started playing CHESS when my cousins have a vacation in our Province,  Were very Bored that time until my two cousins saw my Chess Board and that time i really don't know how to play Chess, I Just buy my Chess Board to play DAMA which is popular game here in the Philippines. When we started to play i first told them to play and teach me how Chess Game works, Like the Basics and the Goals. After that time I Started Loving Chess. I thought it's just a very low class game but i'm totally wrong about it. 

Finally when my cousins leave our province i started to search about chess and i got a lot of things about Chess on the internet, and i see this Website, Chess.com and i Play and Play most of the time when i'm free.

I'm in 4th High School that time and i join the Chess with the day of Intramurals , I'm very Shock that time because my opponents came from there School where they are the top Chess Player.

After the whole game, i forgot about my score but i'm in 3rd Place. I'm Very surprise because for a Beginner like me its a very pleasant thing. I'm very thankful to Chess.com because i had a lot of experience here like this website teaching tutorials even your just a regular Member, and you can play as much as you can. I Love this Website this Website really helps me a lot to improve my Chess Skills, they are giving everyday Articles, Lessons, Tutorials and News about Chess World.


By the way, after my 4th year of High school I go for my College University to take my life goals. I'm BS in Information Technology Student at Batangas State University Alangilan (Main II) , The same thing in my High School years, I wait for the intramurals in our Building Department (College of Informatics and Computing Sciences) because i want to Play Chess, until the day i'm waiting for Comes like the future. 

In that they when i'm playing with peoples i don't know i play very serious. When the whole match ended. I'm the Chess Champion of our Department. I'm very surprise in myself because i'm only 1st year College student who beat the old Chess Champ in that Department in my Last game. I will not mention my games but i have a lot of experience in that moment.

Suddenly in Inter Department Games. I Lost the Game against Chess Champ of Engineering Department Scores 1-2-0 , I won with my First game with the Industrial Tech Student but Lost rest of my games against Eng.Student. After that i lost my Strategies and Stop playing Chess Almost 1 year and then Came back here to Practice. I want some revenge. I'm hoping to Improve more of my Games.


Hope my story was inspirational for all of readers thank you!

If you have questions just Message me! 


Special thanks to Chess.com keep improving this Chess Website! happy.png

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