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Welcome to my Profile!  Idk why you open my bio but thank you this!

Friend me in one Click! I will have 1000 Friends! (I often organise Daily Tournaments, that’s why)

My best Puzzle Battle was 31

I will play vs you, but I think I will lose before the Game starts!

I am the owner of the Club The Ge-Winner! Here is the Link:! Please join my Club! 


You can call me Emil or Winteremil

My Favorite Music:

Alan Walker, Faded.


@Pandasontop is also really funny. He like pandas!!

@2024_Legend_2024 is friendly.

He is an admin in many clubs.

@InternationalMaster is very funny.

He also helps in forums.

@ProfiMath is someone who is really friendly, he helped me so many times.

He is the Owner from The World Explorers, but he also is a SA in Franchesco Chess Club. He is the smartest who I know in

@4-0-4-l-A is cool. 
I started to know him after he joined my club. 

@AshtonAlSiva is very friendly.

I started to know him after I saw that he help in every forum.

@Ximoon is very friendly.

He is the Owner from Promote to King.

It’s a very cool club!! 

Without @Ximoon many people never find really good clubs, how Promote to King.

@Utkarsho is friendly, he helps everyone.

He also can do trophies!!

@Mittens742689 is a good friend. He has a club, Mittens742689club. I started to know him after he joined my club, The Ge-Winner.

@alexisbernier I started to know him in the Deutsch Chat. 
He really like Rocket League.

Do a poll about me!!

I want to be a GM!!