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Welcome to my profile page, read it if you wanna know a bit more about me

Club to join: The Ukrainian Support Club


My goals:

- get 100 members in my club: diamond

- get Super admin in a 100+ members club: diamond

- get 100 friends: diamond

- get 1000 ELO

- get a lot of ''tomato'' dm

Enouft screenshots about my stats, now lets actualy talk about me

Some good friend:

@ProfiMath, fun to talk whit and also a good opponent in the chess board

@Mitchell_Z, which made me learn new openings and tactics, also a good opponent to play whit

@DesertOrder, also a good teacher and a good opponent, also cool to chat whit

@Admiral_ChessBeard, good admin to have in your club and cool to chat whit

@Luperster, i just like to play whit him

@utbivasan3, good to chat whit

@SamuelSac2022, also good to chat whit, good admin too

@JennicatPari11, i like to chat and play whit her

@AllOfMyFriends that help me whit my blogs(like not this guy, i mean by that every friends of mine)