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Paul Ends
Morgantown, United States
Oct 9, 2011
Last Login
Jun 16, 2013
I love playing chess and in all honesty I win as much, as I lose but just the same I'll always introduce myself to a new friend an be sure to let ya know that it's a true pleasure playing you win or lose ! Alittle about me ? I'm straight up "No Bullshit No Lies" (What ya see is what ya get) type person an all I'll ever ask of someone is to just "Please Remember Me" ! (My moto in life reads as follows ? I am everything an I am nothing an unheard voice striving to speak volumes... I am solid, an misunderstood at times, an do not care what people think or say about me ! In life I will glance over my shoulder only once before continuing on my way I'm honest an maybe abit shy at times but I could also be the harsh truth you cannot handle... I'll always welcome you with open arms because if you hate me atleast it's me you hate, I choose love over hate but I hate over indifference ! Things I loathe ? Self-validation through attention, hastiness, false heros, people who try an justify my actions for me, airs of superiority, stupid people, liars, and vindictiveness ! Things I love ? My art, playing my Fender Strat, playing chess, reading, all music, independent thinkers, contemplating, having a good time no matter where I'm at, honesty,truthfulness, meeting new an fascinating people, living in Wild an Wonderful West Virginia, hangin at the lake during summer, an some real good snowball fights in the winter months !
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