Jun 12, 2020
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12 hrs ago

Hi guys why I'm writing in blue colour because I like Blue and specially dark blue and Orange. And I live in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. 

And I in 5th standard S.S.C. board (only Indians know what is S.S.C. board).

And I started playing chess when I was 5,6 years old. My brother, sisters and my uncle teach me chess. 

And I have two brothers and sisters. And my real name is Yosef Francis pulikottil.

My best friends in this site are:

@Nylonsock, @Boombastic123, @KINGDSTAR12327 and @assamb19723

And here are some rules of me:

1st rude = warned

2nd rude = Block 1 day

3rd rude = Block 2 days

4th rude = Block 4 days 

5th rude = Block 8 days

6th rude = Block 16 days

7th rude = Block 32 days

8th rude = Block 64 days

9th rude = Block 128 days

10th rudeness = Blocked + Reported

This is for all my friends and other members.

And please join my club 'Chess experts.'

If you want the link so here it is 👇👇


Join this club and have fun with us. And remember:

1st 10 members will be SA.

2nd top 10 members will be AD.

3rd top 15 members will be CO.

So, please join this club really fast and be SA, AD and CO. And enjoy my club 😎.