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    From: GeniusKJ

    Date: 6/11/09 at Thu 10:01 AM

    "Welcome to Kairav’s Chess Masters. In my group we are one big group that participates in vote chess, team matches and a thing I made up which I call a KCM Internal-Tournament. The Inter-Tournament is a tournament-like event within my group. For that, I split my group into two teams: KCM Warriors and KCM Defenders. The two teams play each other to practice and get to know each member of the group. Twice a month or so, I promote some members to a promotional group called KCM Admirals. There are also positions such as KCM ITO who organized the KCM Internal Tournaments and KCM G&R which stands for KCM Greeter and Recruiter. For the KCM G&R, all you do is become a chess.com greeter and get the new members to join KCM! Let me know if you want to become a KCM G&R! * Please recruit some people to KCM * KCM stands for Kairav’s Chess Masters * You are on KCM Defenders! - With regards, Kairav "