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  • Great Defense

    That was a nice defense you used against my attack. Good game!

    For game Its only a game - Round 1 finished on 7/17/09

    From: Torkil

    Date: 7/24/09 at Fri 12:23 AM

    "With 19...Be6 you found excatly the right move, which I had unfortunately only considered after hitting the submit button. I think I will discuss the game in the tournament forum shortly, but here I'd like to say that resignation was perhaps a bit early - maybe you were a bit influenced by all those resignation discussions in the forums? Anyway, I agree that White should probably win with best play from both sides, but considering that I had played a pretty heavy mistake only a few moves earlier (33.c3 instead of fxe6 is much clearer) I had expected to have to demonstrate I can actually win the rather intricate ending we had arrived in :)"