Bad_Bishop15 Trophy Room


  • Welcome to our Group!

    It's great to have you on the team!

    From: DoctorWho

    Date: 1/9/13 at Wed 7:50 AM

    "Hello Vishal, I want to personally thank you and extend a warm welcome for joining Brave Hearts. I hope your experience with us will be an enjoyable one. We will be exploring various thematic openings in our standard chess team matches, and will work to amp up our vote chess matches. So, if you have any suggestions regarding this or just to help improve our group, please feel free to drop me a note & I'll see about making it happen. After all, I am here to serve you. I have an open door policy here. Brave Hearts has proven itself as a pretty strong team in standard chess, and is looking to do the same in the chess 960 arena (in both team and VC matches). I look forward to playing alongside you and appreciate your support and participation. Be sure to adjust your group alert settings so you will not miss any opportunities to play. My suggestion so as to not get overwhelmed with too many alerts is to at least keep your 'News' alerts enabled. Best wishes in all your games! Cheers!!! Best regards, ~DW, Admin – Brave Hearts"