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  • Thank You Note

    I just wanted to say "Thank you!"

    From: Sirbond007

    Date: 1/13/13 at Sun 8:16 AM

    "As my Senior Vice-President, right hand and Senior Administrator of "OUR" exclusive (EL-BLOCKO LISTO), I wanted to personally thank you for ALL your hard work and management of (EBL). I believe (WE) have a unique group of loyal members that believe in making chess.com a very friendly and stress free site where members would like to be each and everyday. Hopefully in the future, (WE), meaning you and I can start recruiting in making (EBL) one great big group of members. Again, thank you so, so much for "ALL" you do. You are my #1 man, and is appreciated beyond words! Hope you have yourself an (EL-BLOCKO LISTO) day! "