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  • Good Sportsmanship

    Thank you for your good sportsmanship and honest play during the game.

    For game 960 chess 2-day open - Board 3 finished on 1/21/13

    From: Cirrus_G

    Date: 1/21/13 at Mon 9:20 AM

    "John, Thanks for the friendship, I am not a GM to be able to give you advices.. . I _ About me > I am a chess lerner too. I can tell you the way I learn > I download my worst games and the best ones , and then analyze them with ChessDB - You can see the good and the bad things much clearer than while playing - The clarity will appear in your memory next time . when you meet the similar situations. You will deal it now a different way than the past. + You are improved + . II _ About you > You already have a good seed that a chess lover needs. to never lose. I dont know how to make my thought more comprehensible than to say + My opponent wins the game - I win the pleasure + ________________ From:chesslerner48 - Date: 1/21/13 at Mon 8:38 AM "what could I do; you are a much better player than I. I had fun and hopefully learned something. Hat off to you; God bless you and your family. Could you please tell what is wrong with my game and what I need to do to get better?" ________"