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    From: maths_lover

    Date: 4/10/13 at Wed 11:10 PM

    "What a site is do u know that the Admin Muba26 is a cheater (Muba24) He was made admin by amrita1 (supporter of cheater and supporter of fool Balachandar who is a"accuser of cheater") so I left the group the fool amrita1 is spreding roomers that she is the one that remove me from group, which are lies . what else low self esteem and low moral person like her can do. beware of this tendencies is a greate site which gives cheaters like Muba free-hand so there must be many others like them beware of them also I have no issues with u so we will be friends good luck in all ur games play well Pls inform all ur friends who are indian i.e. from group like Anand, Bharat , Team India ,Maruders etc."