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  • Sorry About the Blunder

    Sorry about your blunder, it happens to all of us. Good game!

    For game 1500-1650 great British empire recruitment tournament - Round 1 finished on 7/26/13

    From: Bill_C

    Date: 7/26/13 at Fri 9:34 AM

    "That was unfortunate to have the game end in that fashion. I just submitted the game for analysis, but I have a feeling that Black was supposed to play the c6 & d5 moves prior to castling short here. Then cxd5 dotted not create the weaknesses that were present following the capture in the position. This would give Black at least equality in a sideline of the stonewall or classical variations and allow for development to be finished. Still, I applaud your play and wish you the best in future matches. Bill "