RedaGherbi Trophy Room


  • My Error

    I made a bad error in that game, ugh! Good game though.

    From: peterdarker

    Date: 8/9/13 at Fri 1:53 AM

    "Hi, RedaGherbi! SORRY about our last game! I don't know why, but my connection was interrupted when we were playing and didn't come back until after the five minute mark. I didn't want you to think I abandoned the game on purpose, because it was one of the best games I've played up until it happened! You're really good! Anyway, I'd like to play you again if you'd like and if you want to friend me, that'd be great, but if you don't, I understand. Hope this "trophy" makes up for your wait :) Sorry again and take care! Hope to see you on the boards again! peter darker"